Another challenging week on the lochan with very cold, wet and windy conditions that our anglers had to contend with. However, the lochan still saw some good catches from our anglers despite the harsh conditions.

Davey McGuinness (Larkhall) had a fantastic week at the lochan as he managed to catch and release 30 fish in total over 2 days. Archie Dobbie (Glasgow) caught 3 on a C/R ticket using a Daiwl Bach and buzzers. Charlie McGrath (Bonnybridge) caught 1 blue using a Black Gnat. Jim Martin (Bonnybridge) caught and safely released 6 using a Fab. Lee Cullan (Bonnybridge) caught 1 on a Blob Orange. John Brown (Cumbernauld) landed and took home 1 blue at 2lb 8oz using a Squirmy Worm. Dave Bryers (Carluke) caught 1 rainbow at 2lb 10oz using a Humpy.  Bert Nelson (Carluke) took 2 Blues at 6lb 4oz also using a Humpy. Davie Brown (Stirling) on a C/R ticket took 1 and returned 1 using a Humpy. 

Ian McLaren (Stirling) managed 1 C/R on a Yellow Dancer, Eddie Hunt (Cumbernauld) had 1 brown at 2lb 8oz on a Pink buzzer. Rab McGregor (Bannockburn) went home with 1 blue weighing in at 2lb 10oz with a Dial back. Jim McCallum (brightons) had 3 fish on a black p/lock spider.

Eek Mucmorlick (Oakley) caught and released 2 fish using Buzzers, Willy Turwbull (Oakley) took home 1 rainbow with a klinkhammer. Derek Leaper (Hallglen) took home 2 rainbows on an orange nymph. Alan McGort took 1 and released 1 also using an orange nymph. Jim Gouan (Glasgow) 2 using dry flies. Alan Meek (Cambuslang) hooked 6 with buzzers and other dry flies. Scott Laird (Cumbernauld) took 2 blues using a floating beetle. Colin Gray (Kirkintilloch) took home 3 and released 3 using a Buzzer Yellow Owl. Willy Carr (Cumbernauld) hooked 2 at 6lb 4oz using various dry flies

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