What a week we have just had! One day glorious sunshine, the next torrential rain and severe flooding! Typical Scottish Autumnal weather, you just don’t know what to expect, even the weather forecasters can’t get it right! The one thing that remained consistent though was the fishing; The temperature has dropped, the fish are feeding more aggressively, the returns have been amazing and the anglers ecstatic!

FISH OF THE WEEK- Our very own MAY amazed anglers on her break by netting a perfectly conditioned 16lb rainbow! A challenge was set for anglers to beat her fish and some very impressive fish were landed, however, unfortunately, none topped hers and she earned her bragging rights. We will be hearing about that one for a very long time.

FLIES OF THE WEEK- This week’s top 3 flies were humongous, black pennell and cormorants. Other successful flies were daiwl bachs, orange dancer, green dabbler, olive cruncher, yellow dancer, viva, green & white nomad, black & silver lure, peach egg, buzzers, adams, sedgehog, pink squirmy worm, cat’s whisker, apps bloodworm, pink & white lure, dawsons olive, silver spider, gold muddler, red tag muddler, yellow owl, goldie lure, egg fly, Peter Ross, butcher, cutthroat cat, hot head green & black mini lure and a cinnamon & gold.


DAVID GARTSHORE enjoyed his regular Friday evening session, he safely returned 3 rainbows caught using an orange dancer, daiwl bach and green dabbler. He also lost a double, the double has always escaped him. You will get your double one day Davie!

ARRAN KIRKWOOD had a fantastic couple of sessions safely returning 15 rainbows ranging between 5- 10lb 2oz caught using an olive cruncher, gold humongous and cormorants all on a floating line. He is now addicted to Burnhouse!

DAVID SUTTIE weighed in 4 rainbows for 14lb 8oz caught using a black pennell on a floating line.

IAN BROWN took home 1 rainbow caught using a black pennell on a floating line.

ALLAN MEEK safely returned 3 rainbows caught using a yellow dancer and a daiwl bach on a floating line.

JOE MURPHY safely returned 4 rainbows caught using a pearly back cormorant on a floating line.

LIAM BROWN safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a viva on a floating line, beating his dad, the score we will not mention 😂.

JAY MILLAR caught his first ever fish on the fly and then another 2 to top it all off WELL DONE Jay! He caught them using a green & white nomad and a black & silver lure both on a floating line.

MARK ANTHONY had a very successful day safely returning 4 rainbows and a beautiful wild brown estimated to be around 1.5lb! He caught these using a peach egg under a bung and buzzers. Well done Mark!

WULLIE CARR got the fight of his life from not 1 but 2 Burnhouse beauties, 7lb & 8lb rainbows caught using an adams and a sedgehog on a floating line. The adams has proven to be a very successful fly for Wullie in the last couple of weeks.

STEVEN LAING had a brilliant first visit to Burnhouse he safely returned 7 rainbows caught using cormorants on a floating line.

SCOTT LAIRD had one of the best days he’s ever had weighing in 3 rainbows for 13lb and safely returning another 12 caught using a pink squirmy worm, cat’s whisker and an apps blood worm all on a floating line.

IAN DON was delighted with his days fishing netting a stunning 11lb rainbow and safely returning another 3 rainbows caught using a pink & white lure and a yellow dancer both on floating lines.

ALLAN DOWNIE said: “there’s no fish in here I’ve had a terrible day!” Whilst laughing because it could not be further from the truth, he safely returned 7 including a 9lb 9oz rainbow! He caught these using a silver spider, silver cormorant and a gold muddler all on a floating line.

ANNE MARIE HODGSON had a fantastic 2-hour session safely returning 2 rainbows caught using a muddler with a red tag. We look forward to your next visit, Anne.

SCOTT ANDERSON thoroughly enjoyed his day safely returning 5 rainbows, 3 ranging between 6lb and 10lb “some fish!” caught using a yellow owl and a Dawson’s olive both on a floating line.

JIM MARSHALL fishing Burnhouse for the first time in years said “what a place, one of the best in the area, I will definitely be back!” He weighed in 2 rainbows for 9lb 3oz and safely returned another 5 caught using a goldie lure and an egg fly both on a floating line.

KYLE BURNS definitely had what the fish were after. He was striking into fish that often he had May asking if he had power bait on! He weighed in 2 rainbows for 8lb 7oz, safely returned 7 others and lost just as many! He was fishing a peach egg under a bung.

JONNO MCDONALD safely returned 8 fish caught using an orange dancer, black pennell and a cinnamon & gold all on a floating line with a figure of 8 retrieve.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 10 fish including the 16lb fish of the week, caught using a butcher, cinnamon & gold, Peter Ross, silver cormorant, silver humongous and a hothead green & black mini lure all on a floating line.


What a fantastic week we have had! Here is hoping next week is just as successful. A huge thank you to all of our anglers this week, it has been a pleasure as always. We look forward to seeing you again.


Tight lines for the week ahead!