What a week we have had at Burnhouse Lochan! We had to experience the beauty of the changeable “Scottish summer” weather. The sun has been hiding this week which should have been ideal fishing weather, however, that cold east wind stuck around and kept the fish deep.  Thankfully, later in the week it changed the direction and we got to see some fantastic top of the water action!

FISH OF THE WEEK – we have a tie for top spot this week Mark Love and Alan Downie both catching stunning 12lb blues. Both were safely released to fight another day.

BAG OF THE WEEK – most of our anglers this week have been catch and release however Eddie Hunt weighed in 1 rainbow for an impressive 8lb.

FLIES OF THE WEEK – this week’s top 3 flies have been buzzers, pink damsels and floating beatles. Other successful flies included black shipman’s, daiwl bach, orange and pink eggs, black penal, claret hopper, hares’ ear, damsels and daddies.

Fraser Lynsey caught 2 on a black shipman’s using a floating line, both safely returned to the water.

Mark Love caught 2 including a stunning fin perfect 12lb blue on a pink damsel using an intermediate line, both safely returned to fight another day.

Wully Osborne safely returned 5 using a pink damsel an intermediate line. The next day he safely released 1 rainbow using a damsel on an intermediate line.

Eddie Hunt weighed in an impressive 8lb rainbow caught using an orange and black buzzer on a floating line.

Alan Meek safely returned 4 on a daiwl bach using a floating line.

Alan Laird safely returned 4 on a floating beatle.

Jamie Renolds on his very first outing to Burnhouse caught 8 on red cheeked buzzers, pink eggs and a floating beatle. He netted a 11lb and 9lb rainbow and also lost another double figure fish. He was so delighted that he extended his ticket because he didn’t want to leave claiming that our fish are the best fighting, he’s ever experienced.

Alan Downie safely released 12 this week on black penal, pink egg and buzzers. His catch included a perfectly conditioned 12lb which he couldn’t stop talking about, he was positively buzzing “that fish looked and fought like a salmon I’ve never seen a trout in a fishery in such an amazing condition! Just stunning!”

John Flemming safely released 7 this week using a claret hopper and hares’ ear on a floating line.

Steve Narbough weighed in a 2lb 8oz rainbow using a red and black epoxy buzzer.

John McGlinn safely released 3 using a daiwl bach on a floating line.

Jordan Crowll on his first visit to Burnhouse safely released 2 using a black spider one of which was a double figure rainbow.

Fraser Stuart safely released 3 using a daddy.

Ian Don safely released a stunning fin perfect 7lb rainbow on a black and orange buzzer using a floating line.


Thank you to all our anglers this week, it has been a delight to see so many happy faces leave the water after the days of good fishing. We have especially loved all the feedback from our anglers, from new visitors and from regulars.


Stay safe & tight lines.