Some great sport we had this week at Burnhouse Lochan, perseverance being the key to success when extremely bright and blustery conditions proved to be a challenge.


The biggest fish of the week – was caught by Bob Garvie at 10lb and was safely released to fight another day.

The biggest bag of the week – David Suttie weighed in 2 fish for an impressive 15lb 15oz

The top flies of the week – Bibios, Buzzers  and Daiwl Bachs proved to be the most effective. Other successful flies included Orange Fritz, Cats Whiskers, Black Penals, Black Hoppers, Fab, Red Bloodworm, Kate McLaren, Olive Spider, Griffiths Gnat, Orange Wotsit, Hot Headed Yellow Dancer and Black Shipmans.

As well as our regulars it was wonderful to welcome so many new anglers to our fishery:

MR AND MRS HORNAL were delighted with their first visit weighing in 2 fish for 12lb caught using a size 14 Bibio on a floating line.

FRASER LINDSAY says he has found his new regular fishery catching 7 fish over 3 visits including 2 rainbows one around 6lb, the other around 9lb and a stunning fin perfect blue around 10lb using Cats Whiskers and Buzzer’s all safely returned.

DAVID SUTTIE who has recently took up fly fishing was so happy with his first visit that he joked he never wanted to leave, weighing in a blue and a rainbow for an impressive 15lb 15oz on a black penal.

SCOTT LAIRD HIS DAD JOHN safely returned 4 fish on Bibios and Buzzers.

JOHN FLEMMING safely returned 3 fish using a floating line and a size 12 Bibio.

DARRELL LINDSAY safely returned 2 on an orange Fritz using an intermediate line.

WULLY CARR safely returned 1 on a Black Hopper using a floating line.

BOBBY GARVIE safely returned a stunning 10lb rainbow caught on an Olive Spider on a floating line.

STUART MCINTOSH fishing an evening session safely returned 2 using a Griffiths Gnat.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 2 rainbows both over 3lb using a black shipmans on a floating line.

COLIN MCLEAN weighed in a beautiful blue at 6lb 8oz on a cats whisker.

TOM BERRY caught 1 weighing in at 2lb 8oz on a red cheeked buzzer using a floating line.

IAN BROWN weighed in 2 for an impressive 13lb using a fab and a Daiwl Bach.

CHIC COOPER caught 1 weighing 2lb 4oz on a red blood worm.

JOE DUFFY caught 2 weighing in at 7lb 9oz on a Kate McLaren, later losing his Kate McLaren to a big fish.

SCOTT LAIRD weighed in 2 fish for 9lb 8oz using a Daiwl Bach.

KEITH MURPHY caught 1 weighing 2lb 8oz on an orange wotsit.

WULLY McCRACKIN weighed in 1 for 3lb 10oz using a hot headed yellow dancer.


There have been some impressive fish caught at Burnhouse Lochan this week and we have heard many stories of the doubles that got away, they are still there awaiting your next visit!

We now only stock fish over 4lb, all are grade A ensuring that even the smaller ones will give you a fight to remember.

Thank you to all of our anglers this week, we look forward to welcoming you back. Please book in advance to avoid the £5 extra charge and whilst fishing please adhere to the social distancing guidelines. All brown and tiger trout must be returned to the water.


Stay Safe and Tight lines!