Another exceptional week of fishing with a rod average of 2 fish per angler (including returned fish). Cool easterly breeze and water temperature 16C, fish movement were top of the water all over the lochan. Some fish were about 4 feet down and an intermediate & floating lines have been the go-to method this week. Flashback and Diawl Bach size 14 flies fished very well on an intermediate line.

The biggest fish of the week, caught by Mr. Eddie Hunt, tipped the scales at an impressive 8lbs 4oz. The biggest bag of the week was recorded by Mr. Rab Innes and weighed in at 24lbs 8oz for four fish caught plus another 5 safely returned to the water. The top flies this week have been Diawl Bach, Yellow Bloodworm and Daddy, anglers also used Cat’s Whisker, Bibio, Black Shipman and Eggfly.


John Fleming on intermediate line slow figure of eight retrieve returned 2 on size 14 Diawl Bach

Billy Miller returned 2 rainbows intermediate line size 12 Yellow Mini Dancer

Billy Hooleh returned 2 fishing size 14 cruncher on Midge Tip

Jordan Duncan fishing floating line size 16 Loch Ordie

Rab Innes weighed in 4 fish for 24lb 8 oz went on to return another 5 safely to the water

Howard Penny on sporting ticket landed & safely returned 4 rainbows, 2 of them over 10lb fishing floating line and Black Shipman’s &Yellow Bloodworm

Charles Cooper had 2 Bow’s for 6lb 3oz Yellow Bloodworm

Eddie Hunt managed 1 fish for 8lb 4oz Yellow Bloodworm

Bob Garvey returned 1 rainbow safely floating line size 14 Diawl Bach.

Tom Boseman returned 3 rainbows Midge Tip on Cat’s Whisker, black & red buzzer.

John Gould on floating line returned 1 rainbow free lining size 14 Traffic light buzzer

Neil West Returned 2 blues floating line size 14 Orange Mop fly

Joe Hunter weighed in 2 rainbows for 6lb 4oz fishing floating line and size 14 black & red Epoxy Buzzers.

Paul Leitch 1 for 3lb again floating line & red Diawl Bach

John Walker 1 for 2lb 12oz on size 14 Daddy

Andrew McCaffery 2 blues for 6lb 4oz fishing size 14 Bibio

Brian MacGregor 2 for 5lb 4oz on Daddy

John MacDonald 2 on c/r returned safely EggFly


A cracking rainbow trout up to 12lb is now getting stocked weekly. Please make sure you book in advance before you come in (as £5 extra-charge applies if not pre-booked). Please ensure you are fishing safely when angling in respect of both adherence to Covid-19 Scottish Government guidelines and whilst on and beside the water. Remember we are BARBLESS ONLY.