Only the brave ventured out in the torrential rain this week however those who did were rewarded. Saturday has seen the best days sport, when in between the showers the fish went into a feeding frenzy, particularly loving the chase – much to the enjoyment of our anglers. Undoubtedly, Burnhouse comes alive after a good shower of rain.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming back some friends from the Cumbernauld British Legion this week who all thoroughly enjoyed their day with us, it was good to see you all and we are delighted you had a good day.


FISH OF THE WEEK – JONNO MCDONALD caught a stunning 12lb rainbow using an orange dancer.

BAG OF THE WEEK – COLIN MCLEAN weighed in 1 rainbow for 7lb 4oz caught using a f*ck up.

(I had never heard of a f*ck up before and thought that he was having a carry on with me. However, when he showed me the lure I realised it was real. We had a good chuckle with him about how would I write about it on the fishery report LOL!).

FLIES OF THE WEEK – The top 3 flies were orange dancers, Griffiths gnat and cut throat cats. Other successful flies were yellow owls, daddies, coral dancers, green and yellow lures, f*ck ups, orange bugs, orange Fritz, daiwl bachs, hothead damsels, blue flash damsels, and black suspended buzzers.


ANDY FLANIGAN weighed in 2 rainbows for 5lb 5oz caught on a yellow owl. He also went on to safely return 4 using a cut throat cat on a floating line.

NEIL FLANIGAN weighed in 1 for 2lb 6oz and released a double-figure rainbow caught using a daddy.

JOHN HUNTER weighed in 1 for 3lb 4oz caught using a coral dancer on an intermediate line.

EDDIE HUDGETON weighed in 1 for 5lb 7oz caught using a green and yellow lure on an intermediate line.

COLIN MCLEAN weighed in 1 rainbow for 7lb 4oz caught using a f*ck up on a floating line.

BILLY CAMPBELL weighed in 1 rainbow for 2lb 5oz caught using an orange bug on a floating line.

ALEX MORTON weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb caught using an orange fritz on a floating line.

JONNO MCDONALD what a day he had safely returning 4 impressive rainbows 12lb, 7lb, 6lb and 4lb! Caught using an orange dancer on a floating line doing a very fast roly poly retrieve. His arm was “killing him” after the fight they gave.

MARK GRAY safely returned a beautifully colored 5lb rainbow caught using an orange dancer on a floating line.

JORDAN CROAL had a brilliant day sport safely returning 6 using a cut throat cat on an intermediate line.

JORDAN DUNCAN safely returned 3 using a Daiwl Bach and Griffiths Gnat on a floating line.

SANDY BROWN weighed in 1 rainbow for 2lb 8oz caught using a Griffiths Gnat, he also went on to safely release an 8lb rainbow, well done Sandy.

SHOLTO PRIOR weighed in 1 for 2lb caught using a hot head damsel, unfortunately, he lost a double-figure fish on a green and yellow bug, it is still there waiting on your next visit.

GRANT BARR on his very first visit to Burnhouse caught 2 stunning rainbows for 16lb! Caught using a blue flash damsel and a black suspended buzzer. He thoroughly enjoyed his day taking in the peaceful and beautiful surroundings Burnhouse has to offer. His wee happy face made our day!

JIM MCMAN safely returned an 8lb rainbow caught using a black spider on a floating line this fish certainly gave him a fight to remember and “he will be returning very soon” for some more of that “addictive hard fighting action.”

WULLY McCRACKEN weighed in 1 for 2lb 8oz using a Griffiths Gnat on a floating line.

KEVIN PALMER weighed in 1 rainbow for 2 lb caught using a Griffiths Gnat on a floating line later losing his fly to one of our bigger fish.

FRASER LINDSAY chuffed with his evening session, safely returned 2 hard fighting fish including conditioned 9lb blue using buzzers on a floating line.


Burnhouse Lochan is currently undergoing a renovation of the cabin so we are currently unable to provide refreshments, anglers should for the time being bring their own to the fishery.

Please be aware –  all fish over 8lb, tigers and brown trout should be safely returned to the water. We have a set of portable scales, so if you require a weight, signal over to Gary or May and we will happily weigh the fish for you. Please use only barbless hooks and make sure that all fish caught on a catch and release ticket is kept in the water, whilst unhooking and then safely released. These measures are required to prevent any damage, disease or distress to the fish.

Thank you to all our anglers this week, we look forward to your return.

Tight lines!