After weeks of flat calms, it was great to see a ripple on the water. The fish are cruising around just under the surface and feeding aggressively, spurring on the excitement of anglers. Those dark nights are drawing in quicker and the frosty mornings are becoming more frequent. This time of the year has the unpredictable weather, but it also has the beauty and the best sport!


FISH OF THE WEEK- There were several double figure fish caught, but only 1 managed to get weighed CRAIG McILHONE smashed his P.B by netting a stunning 10lb rainbow! Well done Craig!

FLIES OF THE WEEK- This week’s top 3 flies were the yellow dancer, daiwl bachs and stalking bugs. Other successful flies were bloodworms, gold humongous, pink dancer, hot head mini silver lure, white rabbit, black nymph, cdc buzzer, emerger, cormorants, hot head damsels, fabs, beetles, Griffiths gnat, gold sparkler, the daddy, sedgehog, black Pearl minkie, damsels, buzzers, eggs, yellow owl, shimmies, blobs, orange dancer and a black dancer.

PAUL ROE weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 9oz caught using a yellow dancer on a floating line.

JOHNATHAN MOONEY weighed in 2 rainbows for 6lb 1oz caught using a yellow dancer on a floating line, he had a fantastic day beating his dad!

JOHN McGRADDIE safely returned 1 rainbow caught using a blood worm on a floating line.

ALLAN DOWNIE thoroughly enjoyed his day, he safely returned 4 rainbows caught using a gold humongous and a pink dancer both on a floating line.

BILLY McPHERSON weighed in 2 rainbows for 8lb 7oz.

ALLAN SMITH safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a mini hot head silver lure of his own design, unfortunately, that day due to a “dodgy hook” he dropped around 8 fish! He returned the next day on a mission to have a better day and he did! He safely returned 6 rainbows of a “good size” caught on a similar fly and a sedgehog.

HUGH MOORE weighed in 2 rainbows for 7lb 4oz and safely returned a beautifully coloured rainbow weighing approximately 9lb. He caught these using a black nymph and a white rabbit both on a floating line.

COLIN MARSHALL safely returned a rainbow caught using a yellow dancer on a floating line.

BILLY HAISTIE safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a cdc buzzer and an emerger on a floating line.

CRAIG McILHONE was extremely impressed by the condition of the 5 rainbows he safely returned. He beat his P.B twice! The successful flies for him were a tequila fab, hot head damsel and a cormorant all on a floating line.

WULLIE CARR safely returned 2 rainbows one of which was a double-figure fish! He caught these using a beetle and a griffiths gnat both on a floating line.

TONY STEIN weighed in 2 rainbows for 11lb 3oz caught using a hot head damsel and a gold sparkler on a floating line.

DEREK GRAHAM weighed in a blue trout for 3lb caught using a daddy on a floating line.

JIM ANDERSON safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a black pearl back minkie on a floating line and fast retrieve.

MARGARET HORNAL it was Margaret’s turn to catch the dinner this week, she weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 8oz caught using one of her favourite flies a blue daiwl bach on a floating line.

STEVEN HALL had a great evening session, he safely returned 3 rainbows including one at 9lb 7oz caught using a white rabbit and a damsel.

GORDON FERGUSON notorious for attracting the larger Burnhouse trout safely, returned a rainbow weighing approximately 10lb and another for 3lb 7oz. Both caught using a yellow daiwl bach on a floating line.

DONALD FORBES who hadn’t fished Burnhouse for several years had “a very enjoyable day”, he safely returned 6 rainbows including 3 at approximately 8lb! He caught these using buzzers, a fab and a white egg all on a floating line.

JOHN LLOYD decided last minute that he was going fishing and it proved to be a great decision! He safely returned 2 rainbows including one at 8lb 1 oz caught using a yellow owl and a cormorant on a floating line.

ROBERT GRANGER relatively new to fly fishing absolutely nailed it on his first visit to Burnhouse! He safely returned 9 rainbows including his new P.B weighing 8lb 4oz , he said: “that fish nearly pulled my arm off, what a fight!”. Stalking bugs were the successful flies for him, white and olive.

STEVEN McGOWAN definitely earned top rod this week safely returning 13 rainbows caught using a cat bug, various shimmies (all on sale at Burnhouse) and a rriffiths gnat. What a day Stevie, well done!

JONNO McDONALD safely returned 8 rainbows including 2 weighing over 8lb. The biggest of his fish was caught on a “Megs Fancy” a shimmy designed by 11 year old Megan which is now also available to buy at Burnhouse. He also caught using an orange dancer, green daiwl bach and a black dancer.

IAN DON safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a yellow owl on a floating line.

BRIAN CRAIG weighed in 1 rainbow weighing 4lb 2oz caught using a white blob on a floating line.


A reminder that Burnhouse Lochan is closed on a Monday and Tuesday, and open from 8am – dark, the property gates are closed and padlocked at night to ensure health and safety.

Amongst other livestock there is a large herd of red deer, at this time of the year the stags are full of testosterone so we advise that there should be no dog walking or out of hours “visitation”.


It’s been a brilliant week, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading and hearing all the of the reviews. Thank you to all of our anglers this week, we look forward to seeing you again.


Tight lines for the week ahead!