This “summer” the easterly wind has been predominant –  a great headache for anglers because when mixed with strong sunshine fishing becomes a challenge! Despite this, we have still had a week that has seen some impressive fish being landed and anglers P.Bs being smashed! It is a great achievement to not only net a fish in challenging conditions but to look at the net and think “this nets not going to be big enough!” The combination of quality fish and tranquil surroundings have had some of our first-time visitors leaving with smiles on their faces and an eagerness to return. This is why we have so many regulars, there’s something that little bit more special about Burnhouse – even on a bad day when the fishing is hard, the wildlife and atmosphere surrounding our picturesque Lochan relax the mind and soul.

FISH OF THE WEEK- This week’s top spot is shared not just by name but by very impressive fish ALLAN MEEK & ALLAN DOWNIE both netting 15lb rainbows! Well done to both Allans!

FLIES OF THE WEEK – This week’s top 3 flies were Kate McLaren, Daiwl bach and buzzers. Other successful flies were the boobie, Klink hammer, Peter Ross, black rabbit, black fritz, white wotsit, yellow dog nobler, humpy, green & yellow cormorant, orange wotsit and orange snatcher.

JIMMY JONES weighed in 1 fish for 2lb 7oz caught using a Kate McLaren on a floating line.

THOMAS WATT safely released a stunning 10lb rainbow caught using a boobie on a floating line.

LARRY FINDLAY “what a great day I’ve had, I won’t forget this one, I’m so glad I came!” he safely returned 3 caught using a Klink hammer on a floating line. His catch included a blue estimated to be around 8lb “I seen the big mouth engulf my fly and I knew this was going to be a good fish and fight.” It was great to hear your feedback Larry and we are chuffed you had a great day.

ALLAN DOWNIE had a very memorable evening netting 3lb, 9lb & 15lb rainbows caught using a Peter Ross and Kate McLaren on a floating line.

GRAHAM LEITCH weighed in 1 for 2lb 11oz caught using a cdc buzzer on a floating line. It was a hard day but Graham a first-timer to Burnhouse soaked in that relaxing atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed his day. Thank you for your feedback Graham we look forward to seeing you again.

JIM MARSHALL after an incredible fight broke his P.B netting a rainbow for 11.5lb caught using a Kate McLaren on a floating line. We are delighted for you, Jim!

ALAN MEEK on a day when most struggled safely returned 3 including a hefty 15lb rainbow caught using a Daiwl bach & black rabbit on a floating line.

IAN HEPBURN weighed in 2 fish for an impressive 13lb 4oz caught using a Daiwl bach and a black Fritz on a floating line. Well done Ian.

GEOFF APPLETON safely returned 2 caught using a white wotsit and a yellow dog nobler on a floating line.

PAUL ROE weighed in 1 for 2lb caught using a bumpy on a floating line.

DAVID DUNNE was delighted with his first visit to Burnhouse “I’d have had such a great time even if I didn’t catch what a beautiful place!” David caught his P.B rainbow weighing 6lb and in perfect condition.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 5 caught using a Kate McLaren and orange snatcher on a floating line.

JONNO McDONALD safely returned 1 caught using an orange wotsit.

WEE ROSE safely returned 1 caught using a buzzer on a floating line.


Hope the weather will be more favorable to us next week.

A big thank you to all of our anglers, we look forward to seeing you again.

Tight lines for the week ahead!