The flat calms and torrential rainfall this week proved to be to the advantage of the fish. However, the difficult conditions did not disappoint. Anglers were left in a state of awe at the mirror-like water reflecting the picturesque surroundings, stunning sunsets and the deer playing in and around the water.

FISH OF THE WEEK- The top spot is shared by MICHAEL JOLLY and JIM ANDERSON both catching 11lb rainbows. Well done guys!
FLIES OF THE WEEK- The too 3 flies were Kate McLaren and Daiwl Bachs. Other successful flies were a grey owl, buzzers, black & blue fritz, cats whisker, black zonker, black ant, cutthroat cat, mini yellow dancer, humongous and cinnamon & gold.

JORDAN DUNCAN safely returned 3 rainbows caught using a Kate McLaren, black & blue fritz and a cats whisker on a floating line.
MICHAEL JOLLY safely returned a stunning 11lb rainbow caught using a daiwl bach on a floating line.
ALAN MEEK safely returned 2 caught using a grey owl and a buzzer on a floating line.
GORDON COLLEY “had his best ever days fishing” safely returning 3 rainbows all over 8lb caught using a black zonker.
DAVIE GARTSHAW safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a black ant and a Kate McLaren on a floating line. The biggest one weighing 8lb gave him a fight that made his arm ache afterwards.
EITHAN PARROTT safely returned a stunning blue caught using a cutthroat cat on an intermediate line.
GRAHAM LEITH safely returned a 7lb rainbow caught using a daddy on a floating line.
JIM ANDERSON JNR safely returned an 11lb rainbow caught using a mini yellow dancer on a floating line.
JIM ANDERSON SNR safely returned an 8lb rainbow caught using a silver humongous on a floating line.
MAY ANDERSON safely returned 4 rainbows caught using a Kate McLaren and cinnamon & gold on a floating line. The biggest weighing 12lb.

There is an abundance of daddies, spiders, buzzers, pin fry and sticklebacks in and on the water at the moment. Worth stocking up on those imitations before your next visit.

Thank you to all of our anglers this week, we look forward to seeing you again.

Tight lines for the week ahead.