Despite the challenging variable weather, Burnhouse has seen some good sport this week with many of our anglers beating their P.B! Our hard fighting fish giving them a fight to remember and something to brag about.

During the gruelling task of weeding (which seen May look like “Swamp Thing” for 3 days) we got a chance to have a good look at the tiny creatures that inhabit our water. There is an abundance of pin fry, sticklebacks, damsel nymphs, hoppers, spiders, water boatmen and beetles in Burnhouse at the moment. Before your next visit, it may be a good idea to have a look through your boxes and check for those imitations.

FLIES OF THE WEEK – This week’s top 5 flies were millennium bugs, hares ear, orange eggs, black & green fritz and damsel nymphs. Other successful flies were orange blobs, olive nymph, daddies, hot head olive dancer, woolly bugger, fab, orange snatcher, Donny Mac lure, yellow cheek buzzer, Ally McCoist, silver humongous, damsel, damsel nymph, cutthroat damsel, Kate McLaren, silver cormorant and a green Montana nymph.

FISH OF THE WEEK-  Caught by DOUGIE CRAWFORD, weighing 14lb – smashed his P.B! When Dougie saw the size of the fish he was shocked and said “think I need a bigger net!”. Well done, what an impressive catch!

DEREK LEIPER weighed in 1 for 2lb 4oz caught using a damsel nymph on a floating line.

IAN DON safely returned 3 rainbows including one at 7lb caught using an orange blob on a floating line and slow retrieve.

DEAN RITCHIE weighed in 1 rainbow for 8lb caught using a hares ear on a floating line.

DAVID LAKE safely returned on rainbow weighing 10lb caught using an olive nymph on a floating line.

DOUGIE CRAWFORD had a very memorable day safely returning 2 rainbows weighing 14lb & 10lb both caught using a daddy.

JONNO McDONALD safely returned 2 rainbows weighing 7lb & 3lb caught using an orange dancer on a floating line and an orange egg static under a bung.

DOUGLAS BRYSON had a great day with 6 to the net, 3 double figure fish, 2 around 6lb and a brownie caught using a hot head olive dancer and a woolly bugger on a floating line. Well done Douglas!

STUART MCINTOSH safely returned 2 including one at around 7lb caught using a fab and a millennium bug on a floating line.

TOBY ROUGHTON was ecstatic with his days fishing beating his P.B not just once but 3 TIMES! He safely returned 3 stunning rainbows 2 weighing 8lb and one at 9lb 11oz caught using an orange snatcher and a Donny Mac lure. I suspect we will be seeing you soon on the hunt for your 1st double!

JOHN BOYLE safely returned one estimated to be around 5lb caught fishing static using an orange egg under a bung.

GEOFFREY DIXON safely returned a stunning 10lb rainbow caught using a yellow cheeked buzzer on a floating line.

BILLY CARSON safely returned 1 rainbow caught using a millennium bug static under a bung.

JORDAN DUNCAN had a fantastic day netting 4 fish including 3 rainbows 10lb, 7.5lb & 5lb and one brownie, caught using an Ally McCoist, silver humongous and black & green fritz all on a floating line.

JIM ANDERSON had an incredible fight from his 8lb rainbow which took his line right back to the end of his backing twice! He caught this fish using a damsel on a floating line with a quick retrieve.

STEVIE VANCE safely returned a very impressive 10lb 9oz rainbow caught using a black & green fritz. He was trembling with delight after netting his new P.B trout and his wee happy face just made my day! Well done Stevie!

KEVIN WILSON from the Donald MacDonald (Donny Mac) charity safely returned a stunning 8lb rainbow caught using a damsel nymph on a floating line. If you are in the need of some new flies it’s worth heading over to the charity website they sell a range of flies and clothing; all profits go to the MacMillan cancer support charity. Such a great cause, keep up the great work guys!

IAN BRYSON safely returned a beautiful brown trout caught on a cutthroat cat.

JIMMY JONES weighed in 1 rainbow for 2lb 5oz caught using a Kate McLaren on a floating line.

ROBERT GRANGER safely returned a brown trout caught using a millennium bug on a floating line.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 6 rainbows and 2 brown trout caught using a hares ear, damsel nymph, silver cormorant, green Montana nymph and a whisky fly all on a floating line.


Thank you to our visitors from the Stillwater Trout Fishing Facebook page and to the rest of our anglers this week, it’s been a great week and we look forward to seeing you again.

Tight lines for the week ahead!