Another week of thunderstorms and high pressure, fish feel the difference in barometric pressure and makes it hard to catch. On Friday evening we saw a spectacular lightning display above the Lochan. Stunning to see but more than a little dangerous for the hardened fishermen who were braving the rain but had to down their rods and run for cover to the cabin. Thankfully, the forecast for the week ahead is more settled and we should start to see the fishing improve.


FISH OF THE WEEK – JONNO MCDONALD netted a beautifully coloured 9lb 9oz rainbow caught on a Dennis the menace buzzer on a floating line.


FLIES OF THE WEEK- The top 3 flies were the Humpy, Kate McLaren and black beetles. Other successful flies were buzzers, black spiders, yellow dancer, hares ears, okey-dokey, pheasant tail nymphs, crunchers, lark and grey,  cat’s whisker and the Burnhouse faithful the Griffiths gnat.


ALLAN DOWNIE had a great day safely returning 4 rainbows caught on a humpy on a floating line.

LEWIS CONNER safely returned 1 caught on a humpy on a floating line.

JONNO MCDONALD safely returned 2 caught on a Denis the Menace buzzer on a floating line. His catch included a stunning 9lb 9oz rainbow.

JIM MARSHALL weighed in one rainbow for 3lb caught on a Kate McLaren on a floating line.

LORNE SMITH safely returned 2 caught on a Kate McLaren on a floating line.

BILL FLETCHER thoroughly enjoyed his day safely returning 3 rainbows and 1 brownie caught on a size 18 black spider on a floating line.

CRAIG MCGEE safely returned 1 caught on a Griffiths gnat on a floating line. Craig had spotted the fish rising in the same place several times and covered the next rise, he was delighted when the fish took his fly right off the surface only a few meters from where he was standing.

GLEN SUTHERLAND safely returned a beautiful brown caught on a yellow dancer on an intermediate line. Unfortunately, he lost a double-figure fish, it’s still there awaiting your next visit.

JAMES ALLERDICE beat his personal best netting a stunning 6lb rainbow caught on a gold head hares ear on a floating line. He could have beaten his personal best again hooking into one of our big doubles however his line snapped. Next time James!

EDDIE HUNT safely returned a 9lb 5oz rainbow caught fishing an okey-dokey static under a bung. What a fight he got from that fish!

JIM ANDERSON thoroughly enjoyed his evening session netting 4 rainbows one for 9lb 8oz and 2 browns caught on a pheasant tail nymph on a floating line.

ARCHIE MCLAREN safely returned 2 rainbows one estimated to be between 8-10lb, caught on a hares ear and a cats whisker on a floating line.

BRIAN MCGREGOR who was fishing a kill ticket netted a 6lb 8oz rainbow caught using a black beetle on a floating line. The fish was in perfect condition and put up such a fantastic fight that he decided to return the fish to the water. Thank you Brian I completely agree that that fish deserved to fight another day it was a prime example of the quality of the fish stocked in Burnhouse.

BILLY HOEHLE safely returned 1 rainbow caught using a lark and grey on a floating line.

WILLIAM FLETCHER weighed in one rainbow for 2lb 10oz caught using a cruncher on a floating line.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 4 rainbows one over 9lb caught using a size 18 black beetle and a Kate McLaren on a floating line with a slow figure of 8 retrieve.

Unfortunately, our double figure fish escaped the nets this week – over 20 doubles were hooked into but none made it to the net. Could we please ask that anglers use 8lb+ line as there are some very big fish in our water and they all put up an incredible fight. A wee reminder that Burnhouse will be closed on Sunday the 9th of August. We are also closed on a Monday and Tuesday to allow for essential maintenance to be carried out. A huge thank you to all our anglers who braved the weather this week! We hope to see you again soon, preferably in better weather conditions.

Tight lines for the week ahead!