Our week began with bright mornings, and a bit chilly with a hard frost. However, this changed mid-way through the week as the weather turned nasty with torrential rain. The water temperature is currently sitting at 9 degrees. It’s been a mixed back here at the fishery with many catches taking place on the surface and on lures.
John Shand took home 1 blue using a cats whisker. Ann Marie Hodgson on a sporting ticket caught and released 1 rainbow on a Kate McLaren. Ian McLaren (St Ninians) also on a sporting ticket caught 4 before safely releasing them. He caught these using a yellow dancer. Mr McGowan (Armadale) had a great day at the fishery as he caught and released 5 fish on an Egg Peach. Mr Wheaver (Hardhield) caught 3 using a Kate McLaren and a Foam Daddy. Mr Boyd (Hardhield) also caught 3 trout using a walats it. Mr Addison (Salsbury) on a sporting ticket caught and released 6 trout using an Egg peach. Mr Snesdon (Salsbury) caught 1 rainbow on a Kate McLaren. J. McDonald (Bonnybridge) managed 2 blues on a yellow dancer. Jim McAllum (Brightons) was able to catch 2 on a C/R ticket using black and orange buzzers. John Currie (Camelon) took home 1 blue at 2lb 8oz using a Oky Doky. John Fleming (Shieldhill) managed 2 for 5lb 8oz using a Daiwl Bach. Alan McLaren (Stenhousemuir) took home 2 rainbows at 5lb 6oz using a wok nymph. Derick Leaper (Hallglen) also managed to take home 2 fish also using a wok nymph. Fraser McGilluary (Kirkintilloch) caught and released 2 trout fishing on a floating beetle. Billy McPherson (Falkirk) took home 2 blues at 5lb 2oz and also released 2. He was fishing on a Yellow Blob.
That’s it for this week. Hope to see you on the water soon. To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737