After a very wet start to the week the weather has improved with bright skies and a north westerly wind. The water temperature is currently down to 10 degrees. Ian Crawford (Denny) returned 2 blues fishing using a floating line and an Olyve Elk Hair emerger. Ross Martin (Bannockburn) returned 5 rainbows fishing on a cut throat cat. Davy MaGuinness (Larkhall) safely returned 9 rainbows on an intermediate line orange blob. Howard Penny (Cumbernauld) managed 6 fishing on a black shipmans and floating beetle. Eddie Hunt (Cumbernauld) weighed in 2 blues for 5lb 14oz fishing on a green nomad. Alan McLaren (Stenhousemuir) weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 8oz fishing on a muddler. Jim Ballantyne (Bonnybridge) weighed in 1 blue for 2lb 8oz on a cat’s whisker. Alan Haistie (Airdrie) returned 2 rainbows fishing using a Hopper. Jim Brown (Bannockburn) weighed in 2 rainbows at 5lb 3oz fishing on a ginger palmer. John Fleming (Shieldhill) managed 2 for 5lb 8oz using a black and copper cruncher. We had the Fire brigade here on Friday for a club booking, they landed 20 fish however dropped or lost a lot more. They enjoyed the infamous Burnhouse full Game BBQ and the overall winner of the day was W. McDonagh. That’s it for this week. Hope to see you on the water soon. To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737