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9th of July 2019

Another mixed bag this week with cool mornings and the air temperature hitting the high teens in the afternoon. The water temperature has maintained a steady 16oC with the bright skies pushing the fish down to the bottom of the lochan during the day. Emergers Buzzers and dry flies were doing the job for most anglers this week. Archie Dobbie (Glasgow) returned 2 blues on a C/R ticket fishing on an Oky Doky. Eck Mulhotlick (Oakley) hooked 5 fish on a cruncher. Ian McLaren (Stirling) landed 1 for 3lb 6oz fishing with a hot head damsel. John Fleming (Sheildhill) landed and safely returned 6 rainbows fishing with Olive Sader and Red Cormorant. Derek Leaper (Hallglen) weighed in 2 blues for 7lb 4oz using a floating line and cruncher. Alex Morton (Blackburn) returned 2 rainbow fishing on an orange fab. Davey McGuinness used a foam daddy and managed to catch and returned 3 blues and 4 rainbows. Gary has been working hard all week, all the casting platforms are now free from summer weed so fish can be easily netted or released.
To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742755737

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1st of July 2019

The week started with a horrible day with heavy rain and a cold easterly wind. Some Anglers faced the elements and managed to bag some good catches. Mike Noble (Blairingone) fished using floating line and size 14 sedgehog, he weighed in a cracking blue trout for 3lb 2oz. Ian McLaren (St Ninians) hooked into 2 rainbows fishing on C/R ticket, they were landed and then returned safely. Graham Boot (Polmont) weighed in 1 fish for 2lb 10oz using an intermediate line with a size 12 mini damsel. Mid-week the water temperature started to rise and was sitting at 16 degrees making the fish a bit more sluggish. Despite the hotter water, Anne Marie Hodgson (Banknock) landed and returned 2 rainbows using a floating line long leader with a size 12 pheasant tail nymph. As the weekend drew closer we had scorching hot weather which pushed the fish down, Alan McLaren (Stenhousemuir) weighed in two blues for 5lb 14oz fishing floating lines with a size 10 white & green fritz. Derek Leaper (Hallglen) also caught 1 fish at 2lb 8oz using the same method. The Rubber Ear Angling club fished Saturday evening. It was such a horrible night with thunder storms and torrential rain, felt sorry for the guys as they spent most of the night in the BBQ hut rather than on the water. Our visitor’s spirits were lifted after guzzling our Game Farm venison burgers with nice healthy salad in a roll. John McOnvile jnr weighed in 2 fish for 4lb 15oz. Ryan McOnvile had 2 fish for 2lb 14oz. Paul McOnvile had 1 fish for 2lb 8oz. All of the club’s fish were caught using buzzer’s. Davey McGuinnes fishing on C/R landed and retuned 8 fish on intermediate line using a size 10 apps bloodworm. To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737

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26th of June 2019

Fishery Report week ending 23rd June 2019

The weather has really kept us guessing this past week with each day being very different to the last. We’ve had cool east winds then horizontal rain to hot and muggy. Despite the temperamental weather the lochan has fished pretty well over the week.

Eek Mulriorlick (Oakley) landed six blues on a size 14 sedgehog, floating lines seemed to be the best option last week due to lots of surface activity.

Robert Carvie (Livingston) landed and safely returned 2 rainbows on a Kate McLaren. Andrew Gillen (Bonnybridge) had 4 blues on a size 10 yellow dancer. Andrew English caught 2 rainbows again on a yellow dancer. Steven Berry (Falkirk) managed 1 fish on c/r ticket. Raymond Gunn Junior (Coatbridge) fishing on a c/r ticket caught and returned 2 blues on a size 12 Muddler. David Bryers (Carluke) had 1 blue and 1 rainbow fishing on a buzzers. John Fleming (Sheildhill) landed and returned 2 rainbow fishing with an intermediate line and a size 12 cruncher. Jim McAllen managed 2 browns fishing with cdc emergers. Alan McLaren (Stenhousemuir) Landed 1 for 3lb 8oz fishing on a black hopper. Alan Meek (Cambuslang) hooked into 6 fish on various dry flies. Robert Chalmers (Bannockburn) weighed in 1 rainbow trout for 2lb 14oz on a size 14 Kate McLaren. Stephen Sweeny (Moodiesburn) landed and returned 3 on c/r tickets using an orange fab. Eddie Hunt (Cumbernauld) weighed in 2 blues for 6lb 4oz fishing with a size 8 f—k up. James Purvis (Fallen) returned 2 rainbows fishing with an indicator and oky doky. Brian Carr (Twechar) caught 1 fish for 2lb 12oz with a sedgehog. Jim Black (Bannockburn) fish c/r returned 4 fishing on a cdc emerger. Davey McGuinnes (Larkhall) landed 22 using an intermediate line and a yellow fab.

To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737

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19th of June 2019

Another challenging week on the lochan with very cold, wet and windy conditions that our anglers had to contend with. However, the lochan still saw some good catches from our anglers despite the harsh conditions.

Davey McGuinness (Larkhall) had a fantastic week at the lochan as he managed to catch and release 30 fish in total over 2 days. Archie Dobbie (Glasgow) caught 3 on a C/R ticket using a Daiwl Bach and buzzers. Charlie McGrath (Bonnybridge) caught 1 blue using a Black Gnat. Jim Martin (Bonnybridge) caught and safely released 6 using a Fab. Lee Cullan (Bonnybridge) caught 1 on a Blob Orange. John Brown (Cumbernauld) landed and took home 1 blue at 2lb 8oz using a Squirmy Worm. Dave Bryers (Carluke) caught 1 rainbow at 2lb 10oz using a Humpy.  Bert Nelson (Carluke) took 2 Blues at 6lb 4oz also using a Humpy. Davie Brown (Stirling) on a C/R ticket took 1 and returned 1 using a Humpy. 

Ian McLaren (Stirling) managed 1 C/R on a Yellow Dancer, Eddie Hunt (Cumbernauld) had 1 brown at 2lb 8oz on a Pink buzzer. Rab McGregor (Bannockburn) went home with 1 blue weighing in at 2lb 10oz with a Dial back. Jim McCallum (brightons) had 3 fish on a black p/lock spider.

Eek Mucmorlick (Oakley) caught and released 2 fish using Buzzers, Willy Turwbull (Oakley) took home 1 rainbow with a klinkhammer. Derek Leaper (Hallglen) took home 2 rainbows on an orange nymph. Alan McGort took 1 and released 1 also using an orange nymph. Jim Gouan (Glasgow) 2 using dry flies. Alan Meek (Cambuslang) hooked 6 with buzzers and other dry flies. Scott Laird (Cumbernauld) took 2 blues using a floating beetle. Colin Gray (Kirkintilloch) took home 3 and released 3 using a Buzzer Yellow Owl. Willy Carr (Cumbernauld) hooked 2 at 6lb 4oz using various dry flies

To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737


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12th of June 2019

Fishing on the lochan has been quite challenging this week, however despite a cold east wind our keen anglers have still managed some good catches on the lochan.

David Brown (Stirling) and Ian McLaren on a c/r ticket caught and returned 2 fish each. Derek McGinnes (Cumbernauld) had an excellent day on the lochan catching and safely releasing 10 using various dry flies. Jim Mcnaum (Brightons) c/r 6 using Black dries. Archie Dobbie (Glasgow) c/r 3 rainbows using buzzers. John Lloyd (Cumbernauld) took home 2 blues using a sedgehog. Alex Campbell (Moodiesburn) landed 1 fish using a yellow dancer. James Elliot (Stirling) caught 3 and safely returned 2 using cdc emergers. Willy Smith (Camelon) took home 3 weighing in at 7lb 8oz on Yellow dancer. Thomas White (Camelon) caught 1 fish also using a yellow dancer. Craig Paterson (Paisley) had 3 blues on a c/r ticket using a snatcher montana. Derek Leaper (Hallglen) caught 2 using yellow dancer and peter ross. John Fleming (Sheildhill) C/R had 5 using various dry flies. Willy Carr (Cumbernauld) landed 2 at 5lb using yellow dancer

On Sunday the 9th of June, The Busby and Campsie club had a great day catching 38 fish in total with 17 rods using various dry flies.

Geo Oren caught 4 blues at 10lb on an Adams, Robert Fox also managed to catch 4 fish weighing in at 10lb 5oz on a size 10 Yellow Dancer. Alan Caldwell had 2 rainbows at 3lb 7oz on a hot head damsel, Also using a Hot head damsel was Ian Hamilton who went home with 2. Mark McSween landed 1 rainbow using an orange fab. Geno Villero had 3 at 6lb 8oz on buzzers. Bob McKinlay managed just the 1 at 2lb 8oz. Aly Kirkwood had 3 blues at 7lb 3oz on a Kate McLaren. Andy O’Brian took 4 fish using various dry flies, his catch weighed in at 10lb 3oz. Drew Garvie also caught 4 fish on a adams. Neil Bennie caught 3 at 6lb 6oz on a size 12 cruncher. Craig Pateso caught 3 also using various dry flies.

To place a booking call Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742 755737


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16th April 2019

Two weeks of a cold easterly air flow with no precipitation = hard going for the start of the fishing season, however our anglers braved the cold and had some really nice returns.
Stephen Sweeny (Moodiesburn) C/R 4 nice fish all on Blob Buzzers, Mark Love (Airdrie) C/R 3 fish on Black Buzzers, John Grant (Bannockburn) landed 2 nice fish for 5lb 2oz on a Yellow and Black Fritz. The Rosyth Angling Club had a great day catching 48 fish with 23 Rods using traditional and a colourful selection of flies/lures. George Watson (Bonnybridge) C/R 3 Rainbows all on a barbless Kate McKlaren, Bob Grant (Rosyth) took home a cracking Blue Trout 3lb 3oz caught on a Corixia, Bert Nelson (Carluke) had a nice Rainbow 2lb 2oz on an Okey Dokey, Cameron Cowan (Stirling) landed a Rainbow 2lb 2oz on a White & Orange Nomad.
Our visiting Osprey also had some great sport. What an awesome spectacle and always welcome.
Warmer weather is forecasted, so let’s enjoy the Easter weekend and don’t forget we are open and fully stocked with Grade “A” Rainbow & Blue Trout.


27th March 2019

Despite the cold snap we had at the start of the month, the lochan has been fishing extremely well. Our stocking policy ensures only Grade A fish with the minimum size being no less than 2lb 8oz. We hold a selection of Brown, Blue and Rainbow Trout so all sporting opportunities are covered!
Alex Campbell (Moodiesburn) took home 2 rainbows for 5lb 12oz all on a red blood worm, Alan Stirling (Bonnybridge) released 7 rainbows all on a barbless Yellow Dancer & F-up, Geoff Appleton (Falkirk) released 10 fish all on Cats Whiskers, Eddie Hunt (Cumbernauld) had 2 Rainbows for 6lb on a Pink Budgie, Davy McGuinness (Larkhall) released 15 all on a Black Tadpole and Buzzers, Howard Penny (Cumbernauld) released 7 Trout all on a Black Shipman, Wullie Marr (Boness) had a beautiful Blue Trout on a Black Buzzer for 3lb.
Gary has been working hard this spring mending platforms and repairing the walkways as well as looking after his many Red Deer friends!!!