Burnhouse Lochan Fishery – Weekly Report: 04.12.20 – 11.12.20                                                      

Anglers have been awestruck by the beautiful wintery sunrises that welcome them in the morning. A soul pleasing sight that sets them up perfectly for the day ahead.

With the settled temperatures, the fishing has been exceptional with very few blanks recorded. With the brownies spawning in the burn, the trout are gathering in large numbers in the shallows, meaning that again the best sport came from this area.

The atmosphere amongst anglers has been amusing, full of fun, jokes and banter, with personalities bouncing off each other, even amongst anglers who do not know each other.

At one-point big belly aching laughter had May out enquiring what was going on. One angler had hooked up to a decent sized tiger, that tiger put up a colossal fight, stripping all of his line it went straight across the water in front of another angler, who’s line got in the way and he ended up foul hooking it. It was a hilarious sight watching anglers on either side of the water hooked into the one fish! Sparking the joke from May “hey how many guys does it take to bring in one tiger!” More laughter erupted! Once the fish was in the net, the angler who had originally hooked the fish chucked the other anglers fly in the water. On the retrieve from the other side of the water he hooked into a fish, which was his first ever fly fish, adding even more hilarity to the scene.

This week has been a reminder of how important fishing is to us all. It is that brilliant and much needed escape from reality, a reality which at the moment is full of so much uncertainty and restrictions.

FISH OF THE WEEK – This week’s top spot and winner of the 6hr C&R ticket is DECLAN WINTERS with his new P.B, a very impressive 12.43lb rainbow! Well done, Declan!


Other successful flies were blue flash damsels, pink dancer, orange dancer, green & white lure, pink & yellow rabbit, red & white fluff cat, orange fritz, mini cut throat cat, Ally McCoist, damsel nymph, cat bug, pin fry imitation, white zonker, daiwl bachs, big red and an orange & yellow muddler.


  • DECLAN WINTERS – has had yet another successful week at his “favourite fishery”. On his first visit he safely returned 6 rainbows, including one at 8lb. Buzzers, eggs and a millennium bug being the successful flies. On a return visit he safely returned 1 blue, 1 tiger and 13 rainbows, including the fish of the week at 12.43lb! An orange and a green okay dokey both tailed, proving to be irresistible to the fish.
  • FINDLAY BELL – safely returned 2 rainbows, caught using a millennium bug fished static under a sight indicator.
  • STUART BELL – Safely returned 1 rainbow, caught using a millennium bug fished static under a sight indicator.
  • ALLAN SMITH – safely returned 1 tiger and 4 rainbows, caught using a white zonker and a pin fry imitation on a floating line.
  • THOMAS FLEMMING – “I’ve had a great day and will definitely be back!” He safely returned 6 rainbows, caught using a millennium bug fished static under a sight indicator.
  • JOE MURPHY – safely returned 2 impressive rainbows, weighing 7lb and 8.38lb! Both were caught using a cat bug on a floating line.
  • SANDY KIRKWOOD – “That was brilliant! Amazing day, I really enjoyed that!” Sandy weighed in 2 rainbows for 8.48lb and safely returned 6. He was fishing his favourite fly, a damsel nymph on a floating line.
  • BARRY PRENTISE – had a big smile on his face at the end of the day. He weighed in 2 rainbows for 11.82lb, caught using a millennium bug fished static, under a sight indicator. Barry has only been fly fishing a couple of times and is doing brilliantly!
  • JUSTIN PRENTISE – Made his return after catching his first ever fish on the fly last week, he weighed in 1 rainbow for 3.5lb, caught using an Ally McCoist on a floating line.
  • IAN PRENTISE – weighed in 1 rainbow for 5.52lb, caught using an orange fritz on a floating line.
  • AARON KIRKWOOD – Tied up some stunning red & white fluff cats and pink & yellow rabbits, the night before his visit and could not wait to try them out. The fish were “going crazy” for them, it was pull after pull! He ended his day with 8 to the net including a beautiful 6lb tiger. A larger fish claiming his fluff cat.
  • JOSH MOODY – who had not fished Burnhouse for several years had a great return visit. “I will see you next week, this place and the fish are amazing!” He safely returned 1 6lb blue and 8 rainbows including ones weighing 10.5lb, 8.5lb and 6.8lb! Mixed tactics and flies including an orange egg fished static under a sight indicator and a green & white lure on an intermediate line proved successful for him.
  • IAN EARLE – Enjoyed his first visit to Burnhouse, he safely returned 4 rainbows, caught using an orange egg fished static under a sight indicator.
  • RICHARD GRAY – gave the funniest feedback I’ve heard to date, “your fish should come with a risk of injury warning! They fight like mad! My arms killing me!” He safely returned 10 rainbows, caught using a green tailed okay dokey and a pink dancer, both on a floating line. He was that happy with his day that he came back the next again day safely returning 5 rainbows, caught using daiwl bachs and an Ally McCoist both on a floating line.
  • BRIAN SKINNER – New to fly fishing he weighed in 1 rainbow for 3.97lb, caught using an orange egg fished static under a sight indicator.
  • ROBERT PATON – Had a brilliant first visit to the Lochan, he weighed in 2 rainbows for 8.58lb and safely returned 1 rainbow, weighing approximately 6lb. Buzzers on a floating line and a pink egg fished static under a sight indicator.
  • GEOFF APPLETON – safely returned 4 rainbows including 1 weighing 8lb, caught using an orange & yellow muddler and a big red both on a floating line.
  • ANDY McALPINE – weighed in 2 rainbows for 12.85lb, caught using a blue flash damsel and buzzers on a floating line. “You don’t get fish like that in many places!”
  • ALLAN DOWNIE – Despite a disastrous start when his rod snapped Allan left saying “What a day! I’ve had brilliant fun!” He safely returned 6 rainbows and the one that had him as excited as a kid on Christmas Day, his very first tiger! All of his fish were caught using buzzers on a floating line.
  • JONNO MCDONALD – safely returned 10 rainbows, caught using an orange dancer and buzzers both on a floating line.
  • MAY ANDERSON – safely returned 9 rainbows and a 9.5lb tiger that made her shoulder tender for days! An orange tailed okay dokey, a mini cut throat cat and an Ally McCoist all on a floating line were the successful flies.


Important COVID-19 Regulations – please read:

Please adhere to the following:

  • We will be operating a strict booking in only policy. This allows us to limit the number of anglers arriving, using our facilities, and fishing our water; it also enables a better track and trace. Please phone 07949 220 511 to book your space.
  • If you feel unwell or show any symptoms of COVID-19 please cancel your booking, stay at home and isolate.
  • We will be issuing tickets from the window on the lodge.
  • Refreshments are still available via the window, gloves and masks will be worn by staff and strict hygiene standards implemented during the handling.
  • ALL anglers MUST use the hand sanitising station before approaching the window. The station will be cleaned by staff after every use. Disposable gloves are also available for anyone who wishes that extra bit of protection.
  • We ask that our anglers bring the exact money to avoid change being required. All ticket prices can be found on our website or upon request on telephone enquiries.
  • Toilets will be thoroughly cleaned on an hourly basis, though we also ask that anglers use the antibacterial wipes and toilet brushes provided to clean up after their own use.
  • Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • We would hate for anything to be traced back to our beloved sport, so let us work together to keep it as safe as possible for all participants.


Stay safe and tight lines for the week ahead!