This glorious weather is a warm welcome from the torrential rain and winds that ended last week. The birds are singing, there is an abundance of butterflies, dragonflies and damsels adding to the beauty of our Lochan. Testosterone is flowing through the stags who have been roaring much to the excitement of our anglers. The fish are feeding on and just below the surface so those flat calms and strong sunshine haven’t proved to be a challenge for our anglers.

FISH OF THE WEEK- Pipped at the post for last week’s top spot JONNO MCDONALD secured it this week with a 12lb 8oz rainbow!

FLIES OF THE WEEK- This week’s top 3 flies were “wee magic” Kate McLaren, ace of spades & cutthroat cat. Other successful flies were the orange dancer, fab, black & green blob, black & silver fritz, yellow dancer, woolly bugger, cats whisker, gold cormorant, black & green snatcher, hot head ace of spades, black hopper, viva, black ant, dabblers, sunburst dancer, orange blob, black & green spider, black spider, daddy, black & green fritz, blue flash damsel, Griffiths Gnat and a blue flash dancer.


MARTIN SHEERER smashed his P.B netting an 11lb 4oz rainbow caught using a fab on a floating line, he also safely returned another rainbow caught using a black & green blob.

NEIL MCINTOSH safely returned 4 rainbows 2 over 6lb caught using a woolly bugger, black & silver fritz and a yellow dancer all on a floating line.

DAVIE GARTSHORE has had an amazing week safely returning 14 rainbows caught using a Kate McLaren, cats whisker & dabblers all on a floating line. Davie is one of our most hardened regulars, standing all day in torrential rain and strong winds that do not phase him one bit! It is proving to be when he has the most success. That’s dedication!

JORDAN DUNCAN safely returned 3 rainbows caught using a sunburst dancer, orange blob and cutthroat cat all on a floating line.

JOE MURPHY safely returned a 7lb rainbow caught using a gold cormorant on a floating line.

RONNIE TURNBULL had a fantastic day safely returning 7 rainbows caught using a black & green snatcher on a floating line.

JIMMY MILLER safely returned 6 rainbows all of “an impressive size and strength” caught using a cutthroat cat on a floating line.

WULLIE CARR weighed in 2 fish for 6lb 8oz caught using a hopper on a floating line, he also safely returned a double-figure rainbow, a brown trout and 4 other rainbows caught using a hot head ace of spades.

SHAZ BHATTI who only fished for an hour with his son safely returned 2 rainbows of “a good size” caught using a viva on a floating line.

HUGH RANKIN safely returned 3 rainbows, unfortunately we have no notes of the fly used.

JIM JONES safely returned 2 rainbows caught using a black ant on a floating line.

MARTIN MAXWELL weighed in 1 rainbow for 7lb 15 caught using an ace of spades on a floating line, he also safely returned a wild brown.

GORDON NORVAL safely returned 3 caught using a black & green spider on a floating line.

REG DUNBAR safely returned 2 rainbows including one around 8lb caught using a black spider and a daddy on a floating line.

JONNO MCDONALD keeping to his reputation for attracting the big fish he safely returned 6 rainbows all over 6lb and one lump at 12lb 8oz caught using a Kate McLaren, orange dancer and a blue flash dancer.

WEE ROSE is learning more and more every week, she is casting better and catching BIGGER! After a 9 minute hard fight she managed to net a 7lb rainbow! Incredible for a 9 year old beginner! She caught this fish stripping a blue flash dancer on a floating line.

MAY ANDERSON safely returned 8 caught using a blue flash damsel, an ace of spades, black & green fritz and a Kate McLaren.

GARY MCLURG after just half an hour on the water safely returned 2 caught using a Griffiths gnat on a floating line.


A reminder that Burnhouse Lochan is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays with the exception of bank and public holidays.

* All anglers on a catch and release ticket MUST return ALL fish to the water, if you wish to keep fish please purchase a kill ticket before your session. Fish should be kept in the net whilst unhooking and never on the podiums.

*Could we also ask that all anglers report back to the cabin on departure, this is to ensure that we have an accurate record of stock levels and so we have all of the information required for the fishery report. We also love to hear your stories and receive feedback.


Thank you to all of our anglers this week, we look forward to seeing you again.


Tight lines for the week ahead!