This week it wasn’t just the fishing that has had the anglers talking but also the wildlife of our beautiful Burnhouse loch. It is always a joy to watch our resident red deer grazing along the banks. Midweek we had a flying visit from a regular to our fishery – an osprey. What a spectacular view to see it soaring above the loch looking for a spot of lunch. Beautiful little kingfisher was spotted sitting on his little perch by the waterside that Gary made for him. The Canada geese gosling has been learning to fly. Even the otter visited to teach us a lesson on how to catch the fish. Our anglers thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation of watching nature at its finest whilst doing the sport they love! Burnhouse is so much more than just a fishery, it’s a little escape to the country full of peace, beauty and tranquillity.

FISH OF THE WEEK David Spinks safely returned a very impressive fully finned 15lb rainbow! Well done David, what a fish!
BAG OF THE WEEK Robert Chalmers weighed in 2 fish for 16lb 3oz caught on a size 14 Kate McLaren.
FLIES OF THE WEEK This week’s top 3 flies were Damsels, cut throat cats and cdc buzzers. Other successful flies were Kate McLaren, orange dancer, golden olive bumble, daiwl bach, double humpy, buzzers, black spider, black fritz, yellow dancer, silver butcher, gold head whisky fly, Ally McCoist, hollow graphic nymph, yellow owl and Griffiths gnat.
KEVIN NIELSON weighed in 1 fish for 4lb 8oz caught using a damsel on an intermediate line, he also went on to safely release a stunning 11lb rainbow using the same fly.
DAVID SPINKS safely returned a HUGE 15lb rainbow caught using a damsel on a floating line. A fish and fight that he will never forget!
RAY MARTIN safely returned a very impressive 13lb 8oz rainbow caught using a damsel on a floating line.
ROBERT CHALMERS had a day to remember weighing in 2 fish for 16lb 3oz using size 14 Kate McLaren on a floating line and then went on to safely return a 10lb rainbow. His first fish weighing 10lb put up an incredible 25-minute fight, however, sadly could not be returned to the water.
DAVID COWIE safely returned an 8lb rainbow caught using a damsel on a floating line.
WULLIE MARR safely returned 1 caught using a cdc buzzer on a floating line.
JONNO MCDONALD had a fun-filled evening session safely returning 4 impressive rainbows weighing 13lb 8oz, 10lb and 2 at 6lb caught using an orange dancer, golden olive bumble and a cdc buzzer.
JAMES MARSHALL weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 6oz caught using an orange dancer.
LORN SMITH weighed in 1 for 5lb 7oz caught using a cut throat cat on an intermediate line.
DEREK DAVIDSON safely returned 4 weighing 10lb 4oz, 9lb 8oz, 9lb and 8lb caught using a daiwl bach, red-cheeked buzzer and a double humpy on a floating line.
BILL FLETCHER weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 2oz caught using a black spider on a floating line.
KEVIN PALMER weighed in 1 for 2lb 8oz caught using a black fritz.
JOHN HUNTER safely returned 2 fish for 20lb caught using a yellow dancer on a floating line.
ALEX CLELLAND safely returned a beautiful 9lb rainbow caught using a silver butcher on a floating line.
CRAIG ANDERSON safely returned 2 caught using a gold head whisky fly on a floating line.
BILLY HOWLE safely returned 2 caught using an Ally McCoist on n intermediate line.
JORDAN DUNCAN safely returned 2 using a cut throat cat on a floating line.
JORDAN CROALL safely returned 1 using a hollow graphic nymph.
MARTIN MACATEE weighed in 1 for 5lb 8oz caught using a cut throat cat on a floating line.
IAN LOWRIE safely returned 2 caught using a Griffiths Gnat on a floating line.
STUART MCINTOSH safely returned “3” using a blue bodied cormorant. We say “3” because after an epic fight he safely returned a rainbow estimated to be around 9-10lb and that same fish took the exactly the same fly on his very next cast. Some people say catch and release doesn’t work because once a fish is jagged it stops feeding. Well, I think that theory has just been truly scrubbed!
MAY ANDERSON safely returned 3 caught using a yellow owl, klink hammer and cinnamon and gold.

Well, what a fantastic week we have had! A huge thank you to all of our anglers, we look forward to seeing you again.

Tight lines!