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Fishery Report 9th October 2016

Fishing on the lochan has been quite challenging this week, however, our keen fisherman have still managed some good bags. Over the past couple of weeks, the water temperature has dropped from 16°C to 12° and the fish have started to chase fry patterns early in the morning with plenty of fish coming up to the surface for feeding. After 10am, with the rising sun and flat calm, the fish are moving further down into the water, but many of our regular anglers are still catching fish by adjusting their techniques. 

This week’s success stories:


William Warren (Blackpool) weighed in 1 fish for 3lb 10oz fishing a floating line and a Black Spider size 14 with slow retrieve. Stevie Carter (Blackpool) weighed in 2 rainbows for 5lb 14oz fishing floating line and dry fly. Nigel Buckman (Blackpool) fishing on floating line, managed to catch and weigh in 2 rainbows for 5lb 6oz fishing and Okie Dokie. Charles Ashford (Blackpool) landed and weighed in 1 rainbow for 3lb 14oz again on floating line and size 14 Yellow Owl Emerger. John Gray (Reading) fishing on a sporting ticket landed 2 fish and safely returned back to the Lochan, fishing a floating line and slow retrieve using Red Bloodworm, which after the rainfall usually does the trick! Leslie Morrow (Banknock) fishing the Ally McCoist caught 1 for 3lb again on floating line. Regular angler Howard Penny (Cumbernauld) fishing on c/r managed to land and release 2 fish again on floating line and size 18 Griffiths Gnat. Jackie Naismith (Larkhall) fishing an intermediate line using Buzzers, landed and returned 3 fish. Kyle Goldie (Cumbernauld) managed to catch and release 2 rainbows fishing CDC and Buzzers. Daniel Welsh (Bonnybridge) landed 3 rainbows on c/r ticket fishing Black Spider and Ally McCoist.


The forecast for the next few days show a strong easterly wind, which will provide quite a challenge for our anglers – but I’m sure they’re up for it! Come and try your hand at the Lochan, where our friendly staff are always on hand to give some advice and tips. For club and group bookings contact Gary on 07889603160 or Virginia on 07742755737.

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